Leave Your Mark – 15K Race

With every step we take, we bring change to ourselves and our communities.

To celebrate Accenture’s 15-year anniversary in Romania we challenge you to join the 15 km race in 15 days, stay in shape, show the world how you leave your mark with Accenture, and get the chance to win a pair of branded Born Originals.
Leave your mark

Between September 15 – 29, do any type of physical activity you’re comfortable with, run, walk, cycle, swim, dance, take aerobic classes, play football, plant a tree, go to a transfusion center to donate blood, play with your kids in the park or just walk the dog, move around while in a call, and reach the 15 km target.

Track & Register

Use any app on your phone or smartwatch to prove the distance you’ve covered.

Activate your account on Smart Races and upload one or more pictures of your records for the Leave Your Mark race.


Be one of the 500 Accenture people who are going to win a pair of branded Born Originals sneakers.

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